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Hi, my name is Tyler Anzmann. I’m a professional baseball player and certified strength and conditioning specialist. I’m on a journey to try to make it to the highest level of baseball, let me help you on your fitness journey, whatever that may be!

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Relaxation, Tension, and High Velocity Throwing

Relaxation, Tension, and High Velocity Throwing

I've talked a lot about how increasing muscle tension and rate of force development is critical for high velocity throwing, but how does relaxing a muscle impact performance? Coaches have long known the ability to rapidly relax a muscle before and after a muscle...

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Managing a team of 25+ athletes is difficult enough, without having to also plan all of their training and account for the individual issues of every athlete. Let us plan your players’ strength/power and throwing programs. We have a variety of tools available to help you track athlete progress to make sure no players fall through the cracks.

  • Unlimited email support
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  • Phone or video calls once every 4 weeks (or more often if requested)
  • Program updates every 4 weeks
  • Tracking features for bodyweight, strength, power, velocity, and command

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