Real Results from Our Pitcher Velocity Training Program

from 83 to 90.6mph as a high school senior

Alex began training with us during the summer heading into his senior year of high school. At that point his best mound velocity in training was 83mph and his best game velocity was 86mph. Alex was already pretty strong and very athletic so throwing and more targeted weight room interventions have been key.

On the throwing side Alex needed to improve the ability to utilize his pec and arm swing. His pec and shoulder were pretty locked up so targeted soft tissue and mobility work has been a focus and will continue to be moving forward. In terms of throwing, getting a feel for relaxing into deep retraction/horizontal abduction and pulling the arm through were trained without an arm swing and gradually layering complexity. Then figure 8 arm swings were added to improve the rhythm of his arm swing.

On the general side Alex’s strength was already pretty solid so power and speed have been more of a focus and here are a few of his measurables.

Plyo Push-Ups: +5”
Med Ball Shot Put (10lb): +2.5mph
CMJ: +4”
Lateral Bound: +6”
RSI: 1.83 to 3.05

Alex continues to improve and will be very fun to watch as he continues his career at Towson University!


from 72 to 91mph

Jack began training after his freshman year of high school with a fastball near 70mph. Over the years Jack has been extremely consistent and diligent and has made numerous significant changes to his pitching delivery.

Among them he has improved a low elbow-his elbow was well below shoulder height at foot strike and did not allow him to utilize his pec. He then improved his ability to hold external rotation and abduction in his rear hip. His contralateral tilt was extreme and he has dialed that in as well. Finally, he’s currently working to improve the timing of his elbow extension as it currently happens a bit early.

Over this time Jack has seen steady improvements in throwing velocity, reaching 91mph this fall! He is doing great as a two-way player at Cal Tech!

from 74 to 88mph

Hayden Hair began training with us during his sophomore year of high school, throwing 74mph on the mound. By the time his junior season started he was throwing 85mph in training and 88mph in games.

On the mechanical side we focused on holding external rotation and abduction longer in the rear hip as well as getting his elbow flexion angle to be a bit more acute heading into layback.

On the general side, Hayden has improved his strength and bodyweight by huge amounts:

Bodyweight: +31lbs
Trap Bar Deadlift 3RM: +130lbs
CMJ: +8”
Supine Lat Throw Distance (6lb): +25%

He’ll be exciting to watch as he continues his career at Delaware State!

Tyler put together a comprehensive training plan for me and during the offseason I added 50 lbs to my front squat, 70 lbs to my deadlift, and 30 lbs to my DB bench press. As an outfielder I needed to improve my arm strength and during the offseason my crow hop velocity went from 78mph to 91mph! I’m happy to recommend Tyler to any baseball players looking to take their career as far as they can!


increased his outfield velocity from 78 to 91

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