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Early Heel Disconnection and Its Effect on Pitching Velocity

While strength, power, and the intent to throw hard are all extremely important for throwing velocity, they are all relatively useless without efficient throwing mechanics. Although hip/shoulder separation and lead leg blocking are frequently talked about and well...

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Can You Get Too Jacked to Throw Gas?

If you ask almost any male athlete what their goals are when they begin training, inevitably one of their goals will be, “To get jacked!” This isn’t a bad thing. Gaining muscle mass requires a commitment to training and recovering hard and is often a great starting...

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Should Pitchers Bench Press?

Whether or not pitchers should Bench Press has been a debate inside and outside of the baseball community for a long time. But, without an in-depth look at the evidence, we're left with extreme opinions on both sides. As with most topics, this one likely requires a...

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Why Pushing Off Is Not A High Velocity Cue

For practical purposes, making sure that pitchers set themselves up for elite timing, sequencing, and positioning throughout the rest of the delivery, rather than pushing off, is the goal of the back leg movement.

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Why Do We Use Running Throws?

Running throws or “run and guns” have become synonymous with velocity development programs, but other than providing impressive velocity numbers for an Instagram-worthy video, what purpose do they serve?   Acclimating to Stress Pitching is extremely stressful on the...

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Want to Improve Your Lead Leg Block? Do This in the Gym

The lead leg block is an important piece of a high velocity delivery and one that must be trained in the gym and during throwing drills. I wrote an article outlining how to train this in the gym for, check out the full article with videos of the movements...

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