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Elite Pitching Training at Our Premier Baseball Facility in Baltimore, Maryland

What you get

Welcome to our baseball training facility. Here, you’ll join a pitching program designed to boost your skills through personalized assessments, expert coaching, and top-notch facility access. Get ready to elevate your game.



Comprehensive movement & mobility assessment to evaluate physical capabilities and restrictions, a mechanical analysis using multi-angle slow-motion video to refine mechanics, and a force velocity profile to optimize performance.

Tailored Training

Throwing program customized to athletes’ specific needs and competition schedules, along with mobility and corrective exercises based on initial assessments. The strength and conditioning program is also tailored to match development levels and competition timelines.

In-Person Instruction

Work with our highly qualified pitching and strength and conditioning coaches as
you develop throwing velocity, improve pitch quality, design new pitches,
improve command, and increase strength, power, and speed.

Facility Access

Access to our state-of-the-art facility with radar guns, Rapsodo, bar velocity
measurement tools, Jump Mat, as well as a full weight room including specialty

Monthly Updates

Programs are regularly updated and advanced monthly to ensure continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving training needs.


Athletes will have access to tools to track their throwing load, recovery, and
bodyweight as well as nutrition educational resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the FAQ section for insights into our training facility and pitching programs. Here, you’ll find answers to common questions to enhance your baseball training experience.

How long should I train for?

We view training as a long-term process, rather than a quick fix. While we understand that everyone wants results to happen as fast as possible, the athletes who get the best results train consistently for years.

How much velocity can I expect to gain?

Our average velocity improvement for athletes who stay longer than 3 months is 6.3 mph. This is not a guarantee as individual factors such as starting velocity, consistency, age, etc. will have a significant impact on results.

What is semi-private training?

Semi-private training is an opportunity for motivated athletes to train alongside each other in a competitive environment. Athletes will each perform their own individualized training program with the oversight of coaches, but will do so alongside peers.

What if I need to work around practice, games, or other team obligations?

No problem. This is something that we have to account for with our pros all the way down to our middle school development groups.

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“Before working with Tyler, I had 4 years of tricep issues and was just coming off of Tommy John. After being stuck with injuries and thinking about quitting, I contacted Tyler for the first time. In a matter of months, he solved all the pain in my motion, increased my velocity by over 5 mph, and I am now looking forward to the first healthy season in a very long time. Tyler really knows how to break down your motion and identify the key parts for improvement and have very effective methods for improving them.”

Josh Kosky

from not pitching for two years to 91 mph on the mound

“When I came to TAP, I was coming off labrum tear rehab and wasn’t sure if I would ever get back to throwing at high intensities. After addressing my own personal limitations, like subpar power numbers and mechanical flaws, I went from 81-84 t86 to 88-92 t93 in about nine months. I cannot recommend Tyler enough for the serious athlete who is willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Whether you have years of experience or are just getting started, his individual specific programming takes the guessing out of training; all that’s left is for you to put in the work. ”


increased his mound velocity from 86 to 93

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