Josh Kosky

from not pitching for two years
to 88mph on the mound
Sophomore at the University of Milwaukee

Before working with Tyler, I had 4 years of tricep issues and was just coming off of Tommy John. After being stuck with injuries and thinking about quitting, I contacted Tyler for the first time. In a matter of months, he solved all the pain in my motion, increased my velocity by over 5 mph, and I am now looking forward to the first healthy season in a very long time. Tyler really knows how to break down your motion and identify the key parts for improvement and have very effective methods for improving them.


Chris Perry

increased his mound velocity from 86 to 93

When I came to TAP, I was coming off labrum tear rehab and wasn’t sure if I would ever get back to throwing at high intensities. After addressing my own personal limitations, like subpar power numbers and mechanical flaws, I went from 81-84 t86 to 88-92 t93 in about nine months. I cannot recommend Tyler enough for the serious athlete who is willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Whether you have years of experience or are just getting started, his individual specific programming takes the guessing out of training; all that’s left is for you to put in the work. 

Mike McDonough

increased his mound velocity from 86 last season to 93 this fall

Deciding to work with Tyler is single-handedly one of the best decisions I have made in my career. The knowledge and progress I have made in a short amount of time is second to none. The program itself is very detailed individually, which is why myself and others have seen major progress. Without Tyler I would not be in the shape I am today. Anybody in the game of baseball looking to take your game to the next level, Tyler is your guy.


John Lugo

increased his outfield velocity from 78 to 91

Tyler put together a comprehensive training plan for me and during the offseason I added 50 lbs to my front squat, 70 lbs to my deadlift, and 30 lbs to my DB bench press. As an outfielder I needed to improve my arm strength and during the offseason my crow hop velocity went from 78mph to 91mph! I’m happy to recommend Tyler to any baseball players looking to take their career as far as they can!

Murray Seward

his son Jack increased his mound velocity from 86 to 92
and committed to San Jacinto Community College

Once my son made the commitment to maximize his “off the field” efforts, Tyler was a great fit. Tyler always makes time to talk with him and answer any questions ASAP. He’s very knowledgeable, and is always looking for ways to better his understanding of training. His programming is extremely detailed, and takes the guesswork out of training. My son knows that if he masters the program and applies maximum effort to his training, he will get better.

Liam Bates

increased his mound velocity from 83 to 91

Tyler is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Even though I was doing remote training, he was always making sure how things were going with my training and making sure I was doing everything correctly. Tyler was able to help me crush all the goals that we had set for myself. If I was to recommend remote training to anyone, I would send them to Tyler Anzmann. The guy has some serious knowledge and is a great guy.