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Want to Improve Your Lead Leg Block? Do This in the Gym

The lead leg block is an important piece of a high velocity delivery and one that must be trained in the gym and during throwing drills. I wrote an article outlining how to train this in the gym for, check out the full article with videos of the movements...

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Evan Marcinko: From 77 mph to 87 mph

Evan Marcinko is a 16-year-old rising junior from Sykesville, MD who began training with us at Tyler Anzmann Performance in November of 2018. During our initial conversations, Evan stated that his training goal was to improve pitching velocity in order to play college...

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Why Intent Alone Is Not Enough For Elite Velocity

In recent years as velocity enhancement programs have grown in popularity and become more mainstream, “intent” has become a buzzword inseparable from this type of training. Intent is extremely important, but it’s frequently used as a catch-all to absolve coaches and...

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The Thoracic Spine: Get It Moving Better for Higher Velocity

The thoracic spine is incredibly important for creating elite velocity. It must be able to effectively counter rotate against the hips, in order to create a pre-stretch (hip/shoulder separation) that leads to high torso rotation velocity. Since torso rotation velocity...

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GIRD: An Advantageous Adaptation?

GIRD is not a pathology, but an advantageous adaptation that may actually help to shape youth development programs. That is, because this adaptation likely happens at a young age and may help determine the future ceiling of performance, throwing programs could be directed at safely creating this adaptation.

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