Chris reached out to us in the summer of 2019, topping at 86mph and looking to take his pitching performance to the next level heading into his senior year of high school. Chris and his dad made the trek from Illinois to Baltimore to get an in-person assessment and mechanical analysis.

Chris had well above average strength levels, but the assessment process revealed opportunities for improvement in the areas of power, arm action, and mobility. So, after the assessment process we implemented a program to improve these areas. Using overload balls and specific drills targeting his arm action deficiencies, we began to rework his mechanics. Specifically, getting his arm to a better position at foot strike setting up more acceleration from the pec and better layback. As his arm action improved his velocity began to go up, highlighted by him hitting 90mph for the first time and then getting up to 93mph a few weeks later!

In the weight room we focused on higher velocity movements. Chris still handled heavy weights since this is part of what made him a good athlete, but we focused more on accelerative strength on his strength days. Ballistic and plyometric movements also played an important role and below you can see some of his training results.

Chris Perry Pre and Post Training Pre Post
Mound Velocity 86 mph 93 mph
Supine Lat Throw (6lb) 22 ft 30 ft
Lateral Bound 80in 86in
Broad Jump 7’8” 9’7”


Chris continues to climb the ladder of elite velocity and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year and beyond have in store for him!

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