With 2022 coming to a close, here are our 5 most popular articles of the year:

  1. Mechanisms of Adaptation to High Velocity Throwing
    • High intensity throwing is commonly included in velocity development programs, but most athletes and coaches don’t understand why it improves velocity. In this article for Simplifaster I discuss the specifics of the mechanisms of adaptation so that coaches and athletes can make better training decisions.
  2. Connective Tissue, Elasticity, and Throwing Velocity
    • In this article we discuss the basics of connective tissue, its role in throwing velocity, and how we can train to improve specific qualities.
  3. Gaining 13mph in 13 Months: The Hayden Hair Story
    • If you’ve been curious about the process we go through with assessing athletes, designing programs, and how this all comes together in real life, this is the video for you. In this video I take you on a deep dive into the process of how one of our athletes gained 13 mph on the mound in a little over a year.
  4. Why Training to Failure Inhibits the Development of Throwing Velocity
    • In this article we cover the neurological and physiological adaptations required to throw hard, the adaptations that result from training to failure, and how to train instead.
  5. Velocity Results for Our Athletes
    • In this article we show the results for our in-house and remote athletes over the last year or so and discuss our process for designing and implementing training programs to improve pitching velocity and on-field performance.

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